Captain America 2 MOE
Captain America 2 : MOE

Captain America 2 : MOE

Project details

It was a great privledge to be a part of this production, and to work with a very talented group of artists. My contributions were assisting with taking concept boards from 2d to 3d. Most of challenges were from a creative stand-point in making the shilouettes look good in 3d space, and stereo! To streamline character creation, the Species plugin for Softimage was used, which included a pre-rigged, customizaable, humanoid basemesh. From there it was just setting the pose, adjusting the 3d camera rig and compositing in Nuke.

During pre-production I was also tasked with creating and modifying some of Sarofsky's existing 3d tools for the project. These tools included streamlining the file/folder creation for project files, better management of rendered assets and playblast for 3d camera rigs.

To see more behind-the-scenes from production, check out this in-depth article from Art of the Titles.


  • Production :

    Sarofsky Corp.

  • Director :

    Erin Sarofsky

  • Executive Producer :

    Rachel Steele

  • Director of Photography :

    Steven Piet

  • B Camera Operator :

    Brian Schilling

  • Steadicam Operator :

    Janice Arthur

  • First Assistant Camera :

    Mike Bove

  • Line Producer :

    Anna Jung

  • Production Coordinator :

    Halley Winer

  • Post Producers :

    Erik Crary, Michael Burke

  • Visual Effects Director :

    Matthew Crnich

  • CG Director :

    Andy Zazzera

  • Illustrator :

    Tricia Kleinot

  • 3D Artist / Compositors :

    John Filipkowski, Nick Braatz, Kyle Romanek, James Lee, James Reid, Alex Kline

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