Alex Kline


Alex Kline

CG Lead/Compositor & Pipeline Developer

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Hello and welcome!

As a 3d artist, my goal is to bring the best of my abilities and knowledge to any project. I am technically driven with a focus in lighting/shading, compositing, and pipeline/scripting. My work includes a mix of film and commercial projects, all of which had me working collaboratively in various roles of a small team environment. My toolset includes Maya, Arnold/Vray, Nuke, Python.

Being a generalist allows me to challenge my skills and refine my craft, even in areas outside of my focus. In recent projects, I was responsible for a range of duties, mainly recreating product packages (from modelling to look dev), generating motion tests and compositing final shots together. Working on film productions has provided a range of opportunities to gain knowledge into 3d stereo, color/scene management and collaboration with external studios to produce and deliver assets.

I'm proficient in python, PySide, pyqt, and tcl as well as git for code-base tracking. Part of my job has been to analyze existing workflows, listen to artist's needs and work-with department leads to create tools, pitch new procedures and work collaboratively to fix the issues. The solutions directly addressed software limitations, reduced "button" clicks and simplified the artist's interaction with the pipeline and software. It's a continuous goal to ensure the artist is spending time focusing on their craft, rather than the pipeline. In addition, I proactively maintained web-based documentation sites for internal pipeline procedures and first level Q&A.

Over the past years, I've worked with an amazing and talented group of individuals. Some of which I owe a big thanks too! I invite you to check out their work as well (links are in the footer).

Python, PyQt, TCL


Part of my job and interest has been to write scripts and tools to improve the little things in the production pipeline. Nothing game changing, mainly to reduce button clicks and optimize interation with the pipeline. You can find reference to my scripts via my Github, Gist, and Blog.

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