Alka-Seltzer Cold Truth

Alka-Seltzer Cold Truth

Project details

Alka Seltzer Cold Truth was a challenging project that involved a lot of coordination from multiple applications. My responsibilies included lighting/compisiting the water simulations as well as animation exploration and updates to the end tags. Lighting water is certainly a challenge, especially when attempting to interpret if a note is speaking toward the lighting or the physical shape of the water. My favorite aspect was recreating the night-time bottle.


  • Production :

    Sarofsky Corp

  • Executive Creative Director :

    Erin Sarofsky

  • Producer :

    James Babiarz

  • Creative Director :

    John Filipkowski

  • Designers + Animators :

    Brent Austin, Alex Kline, Dan Bruce, Anthony Morrelle, David Reiner

  • Absolut Electrik
  • Ant Man: MOE