Teded Does Time Exist?

TedEd - Does Time Exist

Project details

TedEd, what is time, is a short educational piece regarding our understanding of time and a couple of the most popular theories regarding it. The project took a little over 2 months to complete.

Part of my responsibility was to explore and develop the asset ingestion process and ensure that the assets were tagged appropriately for lighting/render. Animation data was recieved from an outside vendor via alembic data files and needed to be ingested into our pipeline. We used a combination of Excortex and Maya's Alembic Cache pipeline to achieve this. Maya's rendersetup was also used extensively to ensure all the elements were broken out into layers and any additional AOVs were passed through to compositing. I also took part in taking a couple of shots from lighting to final composite. While we tried to push as much through cg, we ended up using quite a bit of Nuke's 3D capabilities to generate additional mattes and textures to achieve the "2d" look.

One of the challenging aspects I took part in was retiming the original animatic edit to match the updated, cut-down, audio script. All the transitions were there, so it was just a matter of speed ramping particular sections to keep the visual and audio cues lined up. We used After Effects' time reampping features to do this. Once the edit was retimed, it was passed off to Premiere for final master.


  • Production :

    Nice Shoes

  • Executive Producer :

    Angela Bowen

  • Director :

    Harry Dorrington

  • Head of Production :

    Nancy Giandomenico

  • Producers :

    Laura Noonan, Ivan Pribicevic, Alan Robertson

  • Content Producer :

    Gerta Xhelo

  • Editorial Producer :

    Alex Rosenthal

  • Editor / Sound Designer :

    Greg Bekafigo

  • Design Director :

    Yandong Dino Qiu

  • CG Director :

    Andy Zazzera

  • CG Supervisor :

    Ana Pakljanac

  • CG Lead :

    Alex Kline

  • 3D Modeler :

    Lazar Stokic

  • PreViz Artist :

    Yonji Chen

  • Music :

    Louis Bergstrom

  • Audio :

    Sound Lounge

  • Mixer :

    Rob DiFondi

  • Verizon Visible