Verizon Visible

Verizon Visible

Project details

My responsibilites were to recreate the check props, domino simulation, light and composite the elements together. Maya's Rigid Body Dynamics was used for the simulation, along with the creation of custom rig to animate the "paper" effect of the last check falling over the edge. I was very fortunate to recieve a ton of reference from shoot to base my animation, shaders and lighting on, which in turn helped a ton with matching the cg with the practical footage. In all, the shots took about two weeks to complete.


  • Production :

    Nice Shoes

  • Director :

    Andrew B. Meyers

  • DP :

    Zak Mulligan

  • Senior Producer :

    Rebecca Mitchell

  • Editor :

    Colin Loughlin

  • VFX Supervisor :

    Adrian Winter

  • CG Director :

    Andy Zazzera

  • CG Lead :

    Alex Kline

  • Colorist :

    Gene Curley

  • Ted Ed - Does Time Exist?
  • DXL