DXL - From the Ground Up

Project details

My main responsibility was in recreating a couple of the clothing displays in 3d where we couldn't get away with projection mapping. Reference was collected on set of each prop, this included measurements, pictures and textures. Then each prop was tagged and cataloged to provide easy reference later in the event the animation was changed beyond just a simple 2d projection. Check out the breakdown video below to see more behind the scenes.


  • Production :

    Nice Shoes

  • Executive Producer :

    Angela Bowen

  • Director/Creative Director :

    Harry Dorrington

  • Head of Production :

    Nancy Giandomenico

  • VFX Supervisor :

    Adrian Winter

  • CG Director :

    Andy Zazzera

  • CG Lead :

    Alex Kline

  • Compositor :

    Michael Cozy

  • Designer/Animator :

    Yandong Dino Qiu

  • Editor :

    Dana Bol

  • VFX Arists :

    Russ Bigsby

  • Colorist :

    Chris Ryan

  • Live Action Producer :

    Brian Bennhoff


  • Verizon Visible
  • Cottonelle Spec