Healthy Choice: Incredibowl
Healthy Choice : Incredibowl

Healthy Choice : Incredibowl

Project details

Responsible for recreating the package elements (box, bowl and wrapper seal) in 3d. Mainly used for the introoutro shots. Elements were created in Maya composited in Nuke and passed off to After Effects for final composite. I also took part in keying out 2d elements and managing the ingestion of footage.


  • Production :

    Sarofsky Corp

  • Executive Creative Director :

    Erin Sarofsky

  • Executive Producer :

    Steven Anderson

  • Creative Director :

    Stefan Draht

  • Producer :

    James Babiarz

  • 3D Lead :

    David Hyatt

  • Designers + Animators :

    Brent Austin, Alex Kline, Tanner Wickware, Zach Landua, Jeff McBride

  • VFX Supervisor :

    Cory Davis

  • Editorial and Finishing :

    Erik Uy

  • Jeep Color Outside the lines
  • Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes Titles