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Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes Titles

Project details

My main responsibilities were to explore and develop the police tape that would be used to put the credits on. After a series of motion tests it was decided to use a static version of the tape. Nuke was used to composite the titles and cg police tape frame. Since the credits were in constant flux, I used Nuke's views to streamline the process and renders. The trasition animation of the titles were added in After Effects.


  • Title Production :

    Sarofsky Corp

  • Show Creator :

    Rawson Marshall Thurber

  • Executive Producer/Showrunner :

    Beau Bauman

  • Executive Creative Director :

    Erin Sarofsky

  • Executive Producer :

    Steven Anderson

  • Producer :

    James Babiarz

  • Lead Designer :

    Duarte Elvas

  • VFX Supervisor :

    Matt Crnich

  • CG Director :

    David Hyatt

  • Creative Finishing/VFX Artist :

    Cory Davis

  • Designers / Animators :

    Brody Davis, Alex Kline, Jeff McBride, Spencer Selbert

  • Finishing Assistant / Junior Editor :

    Erik Uy

  • Assistant Editor :

    Zoe Kraft

  • Junior Designer :

    Maggie Cummings

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